HemAway - Treatments
of hemorrhoid at home

Anti hemorrhoid HemAway exercise equipment best treatment for hemorrhoids

Why HemAway?

Recommended by the Association of Coloproctology Russia

Not masks the pain and creates conditions for a natural eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids

Enough 3-4 minutes to eliminate the pain syndrome

Safe for pregnant and post-partum does not require the use of medicines or drags

The use of equipment twice a day during the exacerbation of external hemorrhoids will help to avoid surgery

Prevents transfer of disease from the early stages to the later

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You are not alone

According to statistics,
every 10 people out of 100 suffer of hemorrhoids.
But this disease is dangerous, not just unpleasant symptoms.

Action of HemAway is medical justified

That offered by domestic proctology for the treatment of external and internal hemorrhoids before today? The choice was limited: either ointments and suppositories, which provide only a short-lived local effect, or serious operation with a long recovery period.

We offer to get acquainted with the latest tool – ant hemorrhoid HemAway simulator developed by us scientists. It can not harm, as the basis of therapeutic effects are the natural reaction of the body to cause which is only a few minutes of use of the equipment.

The uniqueness HemAway – in developed by us design experts. HemAway distributes the load so that the inside of the anal canal creates a vacuum and a prolapsed hemorrhoid nodes drawn inside the anal canal taking its natural physiological position.

After 3-5 minutes of use prolapsed hemorrhoid back in inside. When it disappears pain, much reduced bleeding, then there is the relief of symptoms aggravated hemorrhoids. In addition, with regular use strengthens the muscles of the anal sphincter, which in turn prevents the deposition of hemorrhoids outside.

The use of this device is absolutely harmless and does not require the use of any drugs . Therefore, the simulator has no contraindications and is approved for use in all patients suffering from hemorrhoids including pregnant and lactating women.

Forget about the expensive ointments and suppositories, take a break from the constant trips to doctors and finding the right tools. And most importantly, help yourself to avoid a major operation with a long period of rehabilitation and temporary disability is possible with HemAway!

Use HemAway is very simple – you don't need any special knowledge, any outside help or additional equipment. Just a few simple steps for getting rid of pain.

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Results of medical research

Trainer HemAway were studies conducted in the scientific center of Coloproctology under the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation together with the Association of Coloproctology Russia. The study confirmed the high efficiency and absolute safety of the use of the equipment HemAway. Association of Coloproctology Russia encourages the exerciser to prevent the risk of hemorrhoids, as well as in complex treatment of chronic hemorrhoids.

result of research

result of research

result of research

result of research

result of research

How does it works

1. insert the hemaway above of toilet.

2. Sit down and position yourself so the hemoroid is centered over the specially designed seat opering.

3. Raise your heels and grasp the side of the toilet and gently pull down to create more downward pressure.

4. the prolapsed hemoroids will begin to retract on the normal position. This generally 1-2 min.

HemAway - Treatments of hemorrhoid at home

HemAway - its easy!

Treatment of hemorrhoids has never been so easy and convenient! Medical procedure takes a minimal amount of time. To achieve a positive effect, it is necessary to use the simulator within just a few minutes. For the procedure do not need to purchase additional hardware, and drugs – HemAway will do it for you!

Compact dimensions of the simulator allow it to be used for home treatment of hemorrhoids, to take it with you on vacation, on a business trip and any long trip.

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About trainer HemAway on TV

Interview with the inventor of the HemAway
exercise machine doctor John Maurello.

American tv show "Doctors"

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